We are proud to start off this year with so many wonderful “New Beginnings” contest submissions. All pieces were a delight to read; it was a challenge to select the prizewinners! This issue features three winners from each category.

Creative Writing

Eva: Second Time’s the Charm 
Julia: Fire & Earth
Hillary: A Special New Year’s Gift 


Yueqi: The Beginning of A New Year and The Four Seasons
Adeline: The Poem of Art
Leah: New Beginnings


Oli: Worldwide Change 
Aria: My Own Beginning
Asher: Many New Beginnings 


We also have some amazing general submissions. We really enjoyed reading each of these, and we’re sure that you will too!

Rishika: A Furry Friend
Ann: The Space Calf 
Leah: Dear Winter 

Lastly, here are our “extras”:

Book Recommendations




Letter from the Editors