“What should I write about?” I scrunch my face up in concentration as I try to think of something NEW to write about. My weekly schedule has almost no changes. There are no new activities to try, there isn’t much to do, and I can’t travel during the pandemic. When I look out the window, the bare branches of trees shivering in the cold wind, occasionally few people walking by wearing jackets, hats, scarves, and masks, I notice that everything is still winter.




As I gaze out the window, the sun bursts out from behind the clouds, making me think about the changes spring will soon bring. There will be tiny green leaves poking out of yellow stems, little pink and purple buds peeking from the plants in gardens, the cold snow will have melted, and for the first time in months, I’ll take off my jacket and feel the sun warming my back. As I drag my fingers across the windowsill, I feel something rough under my fingertips. I scoop it up and see that it is a pretty shell, which brings me the memory of scattered shells in all colors on golden sand, and a salty, warm, crystal clear, shimmery blue green ocean with waves lapping at the sandy beach. There’s a hot, bright sun overhead and the seagulls nearby loudly caw. I stop picturing the beach and look outside for any early signs of Spring. Instead, I notice dry, brown leaves from last fall. Just then I remember the biggest change this year is in the Fall, when I’m going to middle school!


My NEW beginning will be in Chenery middle school, the big, red, brick building with two flags in front of it. I look up in awe every time when I pass it and thinking about how I’ll be studying there in just a few months makes me feel nervous. I sit down and start writing to calm down my nerves, and in hopes of sharing this with fellow fourth graders.