The first day of January started to snow. I was so cold that I started to sneeze. I thought it would be good to write a note to Winter. Well those little flickers of snow were beautiful. Winter weather is cold and chilly. 


I wrote:    

Dear winter, 


             Thank you for bringing the weather. It’s just

            I think it’s really cold. So can you tell your 

             friends, Spring, Summer, and fall to take a few 

             days for you because we are all SO cold.




I finished the letter and put it on the table so Winter can read it. I took a look at the clock it stroke 10. ‘I better be going to sleep.’ I said to myself. I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. I was just wondering if Winter would get my message. In the morning, I woke up and saw that it was sunny! I rushed down stairs and saw the message I wrote and next to my letter was Winter’s! I read the message and it was pretty long!



Winter wrote:  


Dear Eva,

I told my friends what you wrote. I will say that

I will return after 3 day’s. (Summer took place).

My friend Summer was really excited to come back.

She will return in June. (You probably already 

know that). I  will be out having a vacation day 

With my mom Samosa. We will go to the sun.

(In the galaxy the sun is the king.) As you said

Your cold, we will go to the king and he might give 

me some warmth so when I come back, you will

probably be a little more warmer.





I quickly scribbled back ‘thanks. I finally know what to do if I’m hot or cold.’