Dear Readers and Writers,


As always, we are so grateful for your continuous participation and support. This would not be possible without each and every one of you.


To our young creators: Thank you so much for submitting pieces. The general submissions were a delight to read, and the contest submissions were all amazing – it was a challenge to select the winners! We deeply appreciate the effort and time that you put into your work. It is reflected in your writing, which we can see improving every month. All of you have made a lot of progress, and we are so happy to accompany you on this journey.


A note about prizes – all participants from this month will receive a photocard with the cover of the magazine; we hope that this incentive will increase participation. We will continue sending these collectable photocards during next month as well, so if you are interested in one, don’t forget to sign up when we announce that signups are open! The design will be different each month. (As usual, we will not give repeated prizes to those who had two pieces published in the magazine this month.)





As we welcome the new year, we hope that you will continue participating in the Belmont Times. In addition, we hope that new writers will add their work to these collections of wonderful pieces; if you know anyone who would be interested in creating a submission, recommending books, or simply reading the issues, please encourage them to do so!


Thank you and best wishes,

Belmont Youth Writers