Smoke fills the air as flames tear through earth’s flesh. The earth pleaded for mercy through the cry of burning leaves and bittersweet tears of oozing pinesap. The flames still rose higher and higher,  burning bright with blistering heat. 

        Mother Earth fought back fury at Fire’s worthless honor, Wiping out a defeated enemy who had already surrendered. She could do nothing but watch as her brother destroyed everything she had created and loved dearly. Animals shrieked in pain as Fire engulfs them in his blazing furnace of death. New sprouts and seeds writhe in agony before they blacken and fade into ash in Fire’s grip, Forever lost in the wind. The ancient plants pray to Mother Earth to save them, to save them from the burn of Fire and his merciless toture. Yet she can only watch.  

        And it is over too soon.

        After Fire has Turned the once vibrant forest into Barren wasteland and fire bitten trunks, he has nothing to burn for. He fades away in the early dawn mist, yet his scorch is still enfolded in the echoes of the earth.



        Earth felt her fury pulse through the ground. She sent it to small channels and winding paths, pushing through the dry dirt. Small voices channeled back to her. Seeds were waiting to grow and feed on sunlight, water and air. The bare trunks of the tall trees called to her for energy to sprout leaves and grow tall, tall, and taller. Bush roots twisted in excitement for another chance of berries, leaves, and flowers. She felt power pulsing through the earth, its energy coating the plants. She watched them grow, their leaves spreading into a high canopy of shade. Their roots plowed through ash sprinkled dirt, gnarled and thick. Bright berries glowed on the bushes with branches heavy with them. Flowers unfurled in the sunlight, their perfume fused in the air. Mother Earth watched with pride as the forest bloomed and animals moved in. Birds chirped in the crisp dawn, Foxes hunted the mice that scuttled along the forest floor. It was like nothing had changed. But it had, and one day Earth would taste her revenge. But right now, it was a new Beginning.