I was sprawled on the side of my big bed and I was unwrapping my New Year’s gift. I pressed my hand against the cold wrapping paper. I’m gonna open it! I burst out. My mommy and daddy gushed, Of course! I tore open the bright red wrapping paper excitedly. “YES!” I yelled while I rocked back and forth. “What’d you get?” my older sister asked me, very curious of why I was so excited. “A HARRY POTTER 4 LEGO SET!” I yelled. “Okay, you can stop yelling, and build it.” my parents said laughing. I went quiet at once, and opened the big indigo box. There were SOOOO many pieces in it! Sure, I’d have to split this into  a little bit to do everyday, it had 922 pieces in all, which would take me all month! The first two characters in the first little baggie had wereas tall Madam Maxime and weird Victor Krum. In total, there were six little baggies. The second had beautiful Fleur Delacour and old Professor Dumbledore, then kind Cedric Diggory and expressional Ron Weasley, smart Hermione Granger, brave Harry Potter and last a Christmas tree. The parts of the Lego set awere included the little white spinning wheel, where the dancers dance, the “Prefect’s Bathroom”, with a beautiful mermaid, Professor Dumbledore’s huge room with his beautiful red Phoenix, Professor Moody’s small room with the blackboard and a huge, old book, and the Hospital Wing. After looking at each part of the set, I decided that I will start building the little white glass tables with shining gold and white glass goblets on top first. Then I will build each part of the old Hogwarts Castle, finally, I will build the people in the set. I have decided to either put the lego set in a very tall and big box, or on top of one of the thousands of shelves in my living room, where the lego set will be safe from falling and everyone can see it.



I liked building the “Prefect’s Bathroom” best. I loved the beautiful mermaid and how the shimmering blue lego pieces seemed so real. I also liked the little gold pieces that made the facets. Behind the “Prefect’s Bathroom”, I liked putting the lego people in the Hospital Wing, with its miniature white colored beds with turquoise mattresses and bed covers with the tiny gold lamps on tiny white bedside tables. It took sooo many days to finish it, I can’t even count them! I built the pieces one by one, stacking one on top of the other. After that, I carefully connected the two buildings I built. When I finally finished after a thousand days, the building looked magnificent! It had gorgeous cracks creeping down the sides of the old Hogwarts Castle, along with the glowing golden light inside of the castle. If I leaned more closer, I could almost hear the clock on the Clock Tower saying, “Tick-tock, tick-tick tock!” as if the whole building was real, and the clock was alive. And the busy voices in the castle hustling from room to room could but faintly heard in the distance. It was like a REAL scene! I have decided to put the lego set on top of one of the shelves in my living room, where it will be safe from falling and everyone can see it.Even though it took a lot of time, it was definitely worth it.


Everyone has a hard time choosing which of their New Year gift is the best one. Every wonderful New Year, I can’t choose the best gift because all of them are just SOOOO good. But, this year, I can! This year I received the best gift of all, the Harry Potter 4 lego set, with the indigo box and the old Hogwarts Castle. I hope I get more Harry Potter legos so then I can make it a whole, REAL, story!