The Beginning of A New Year


The day is great

Sunny and cold

The year has changed

The day is bathed

In a golden light

To my delight

Plants will grow

Flowers, oh!

Fresh air from trees

Even at (or below) 32 degrees

Finally, the New Year has arrived!






The Four Seasons

When the coronavirus is still here
We travel near and far, here and there
But wherever we go, we always wear a mask
The time when the mask is on, it can be a hard task
We leave at noon, back at sundown
When it rains, I may frown
When the sun is up, we go out
When it’s good day, we go, no doubt
Sometimes I use trampoline
Leaves shine at day, so bright so green
Sun so yellow, illuminating the day
Although it rains, we may find a way
To play outside, night or day
Collecting sticks, or looking for clay
The day has light
The dark is night
The moon shines bright
The sun is so bright, it looks light white
Flowers are nice, bees buzzing ‘round
Spring and summer, flowers are bound
In the fall, leaves are rarely green
In the winter, the snow may preen
Building snowmen, one, two, three
Snow covers the branches of the tree
Using my sled
Like it has fled
I can hold on to handles, not rope
I can easily slide down a slope
Dew covers grass, flower petals, and leaves in the spring
Above the sea, seems to have a ring
A 2-mile depth in the sea
Or a 6-mile trench we cannot see
The four seasons are perfect!