The Poem of Art by Adeline


I am the person you think I am,

I have a heart that is full of art,

I come from fraises of creativity that tells the magnificence,

I get spoiled once you do something without your heart,

I get Creative when you put me in your heart,

You make my piece of paper into a humongous bunch of uniqueness.

At the time of noon, I raise up to the moon,

You make my life as bright as the sun,

That’s when I tell you my heart is full of creativity that has the art of creation.

Draw, Draw, draw, my life is going Awesome,

Just by the time you make my life as full as the sky moon,

You are just the one that I’ve been looking for.




New Beginnings by Leah


New Year is coming.

Ending the last year.

Windows are gleaming with sunshine.


Year after year, everyone is celebrating with fun.

Every year there is a special day celebrating New Year.


After all this hard work, we finally put lanterns everywhere we go.

Roaring with laughter, having fun, and celebrating New Year.