Suddenly, everything went dark, even my computer. 

“A blackout!” I shouted. 

I was so excited since blackouts are rare in Belmont, but I was also very scared because I saw pictures when water pipes burst and ice was everywhere during the blackout in Texas. I decided to focus on lighting up the house with flashlights, camping lanterns, and candles. I dug up a few candles from my mom’s Yankee Candle collection: Christmas Cookies, Salted Caramel, and Sparkling Cinnamon. The softly glowing candles and their scent comforted me. Remembering that I have a blue and green toy flashlight in my bedroom, I slowly walk up the soft carpeted stairs with my hands held out in front of me, but it’s pitch black so I have to be careful not to bump into the walls or the railing. It’s a good thing I do that, as I soon collide into the door of my room. I twist the knob, open the door and with my sister behind me holding a camping lantern up, I have enough light to find my flashlight, flick it on, thank my sister and run down the stairs to my mother who luckily finished dinner before the blackout occurred. 





“Achoo!” I sneezed as I reached the bottom of the staircase. 

My mother exclaimed, “You’re wearing too little;without electricity we won’t have any heat, so go wear a sweater!”. 

I yanked my fuzzy, light purple sweater off the beige sofa, pulled it on, and zipped it up, turning my flashlight off as I went into the dining room where my mom set up three blazing candles. The red and yellow candles made a vase of roses and clumps of tiny white flowers on the table sparkled. The roses glowed beautiful shades of red and purple and the tiny white flowers clumped together sparkle blue. I ate my tasty and warm dinner, feeling thankful that the house had sheltered me from the coldness and darkness.