Dear Readers,


We hope you are all well. Thanks for reading the February 2021 edition of the Belmont Times magazine; we hope you enjoyed it! We really appreciate your continuous support, which allows this magazine to continue showcasing the wonderful work of Belmont students. 


We are really happy that so many young creators submitted pieces this month – we will be sending photocards to you soon! In addition, please keep in mind that we will be holding a contest in March, in accordance with our bi-monthly contest schedule. The theme is… GOOD LUCK! From competitive games to a theater performance, from leprechauns to four-leaf clovers, there are so many things that you can write about. The contest theme is broad, so take advantage of that! We are excited to see your creative twists on the meaning of good luck.



That being said, we do hope that you will also continue to submit general submissions! Remember: general submissions are guaranteed to be included in the magazine; you’ll also receive a photocard for participation.


We just want to say that this month’s submissions are amazing! Each and every one of the pieces reflects your hard work, and we are proud to see the progress you have been making throughout these past months.


Lastly, as always, please tell others about the Belmont Times magazine and encourage them to submit writing, art, and book recommendations! Whether you’re a creator or a reader, we are grateful for your support.


Thank you and best wishes,

The Editors