Beach of Snow by Yueqi


Cold, blue waves

Cooler than tree shades

Crash into a beach

Covered in a blanket of snow

Thick and white, as if it’s bleached

When winds blow

Waves turn snow to slush

Cold to our touch

The sun shines down

Like a bright golden gown

Look! The snow is melting

Spring is coming!









Ski Day by Eileen


Once I got up on ski day,

The sun was just a ray.

Off we go, to Pats Peak,

There is just a little leak.

Forks, bowls, and even spoons,

Oh no! We will have to wait till soon!

Once we get there we are excited,

We also seem very delighted.

Off we go dressing in our gear,

We all agree to have no fear.

Once the exciting part comes,

What a day it will become!

We enter the resort a little bit scared,

But then it turns out we were prepared!

Up the small bumps we go,

It turns out we are pro’s!

Packing away, we are all sad,

But then we become glad!

We will be able to come back,

So don’t worry, it’s time for a SNACK!