It was a very gloomy Monday afternoon when I was at home sitting on the sofa. I was really bored. All I could think of was going to Joyce Park and playing in my sled! I finally decided that was the only thing to do so I got off the sofa and told everyone I wanted to go to Joyce park.


My mom and brother agreed so they went with me. My mom drove us there to play in the snow but it turned out that it really wasn’t a slope. The land was almost completely flat. At first, I thought I wanted to just go back home after we did a few rounds of very boring push-sledding, but then my mom suggested we stand on the sled and try to sled down the hill on our feet!









I thought that idea was great! My mom put her foot at the end of the sled to block it from sledding down the little slope! Once that was secure, I stepped in the sled and held the string. Then the exciting part happened! She let go! Of course, I fell the first time because I had never done it before. After a few goes, I managed to stay on the sled without falling out! Of course after about 30 minutes, we got bored because it was a really small slope that you wouldn’t even call a hill so we went to a small hill on top of Underwood pool. 


Once we were on the top of the steeper hill, then we went sledding first because it would be too hard to stand on the sled! After going on the sled a few times, we tried to go standing but after a few seconds, we just fell because the slope was too steep. We were really tired after that so we went back in the car and drove home! The End!