As the winter night faded away, it was finally spring…


In the soft morning, I woke up when the birds were singing. I dressed myself and put on my scarf. I went downstairs and ate my breakfast quicker than ever. I went outside and you couldn’t guess what I saw. I saw green grass!! It was like magic – yesterday it was winter, and now suddenly it was spring! I walked to the old oak tree and there were new leaves on the tree. I was so amazed! I went into the woods and saw even more blooming flowers. On the trees I saw blue Jays, red Jays, woodpeckers, and a barn swallow! It was a very fun and exciting day!



My heart is full of style

I zoom up into the sky to run the miles

I am confident and wise as the moonlight Sonata

I believe in myself to fly upon the stars

Now hearts fly down like rain from the sky,

 Down from moons of the stars.

I come from the colors of the rainbow,

Depending on love and creation of style.

Maybe now is the time to make sure you’re confident.

Making wishes as bright as the stars

Your very own heart may lay in front of the moon and say, 

“Who shall I wish to make this day

A Sunshine of miracles!”.