The waves had a rhythm easy to grip beneath their pounding and ferocity.

As long as she stayed above the waves, it was fairly easy to swim. The tide would pull her back, twisting itself into a long wall of salty water. The pulling current allowed Kaen a moment to grip on the sand, and it was enough. As the towering wave swept in, she yanked herself into a classic mouse pounce. But instead of flipping herself upside down, she swept her long curve into a slanted line. Her paws still curled into her belly fur like a hunt, she watched the wave pass by harmlessly. The tip of the cool water skimmed her brush tip. The ground rushed to meet her as she stretched her front paws. 

The water slammed into her hard.

Kaen gasped for breath against the tingling of her chest and stomach. Next time perhaps just clinging to the rules of a mouse pounce would be better. 

It wasn’t too soon before another wave tumbled into place. Her hind legs thumped the sand and AIR propelled her up. Her lithe hips twisted her body until her muzzle pointed to the ocean floor. Her dark paws were enveloped at the cream fuzz of her belly. 

This time it was beautiful. 





Her slender muzzle hit wetness through a graceful arc, the rest of her body sliding in like a snake. The waves were much easier to handle now, and each one brought her closer to shore. 

And then another wave swept in, the tip sharp with bubbles. 

As she flipped herself into

Kaen was tumbling underwater AGAIN. Her head spun with exhaustion as the water twisted her in a prance.

That’s when the water exploded.

Kaen supposed that was even more petrifying than the slick coral itching her tail. The cascade of bubbles tickled the scream at her throat. Black spots mocked her in her vision, threatening to eat her up. Her thoughts flickered to the gleaming bones lining the bottom of the ocean. Is this how I am going to die? 

And her eyes snapped open for a moment against the stinging water.

The bubbles popped for a moment to show golden eyes on a dark black pelt. 

The slender muzzle and the white tip of a tail. 

The fluffy coat and strong paddling paws.

Then sharp teeth gripped her scruff and dragged her into darkness.