It was a typical Sunday afternoon. Everyone was almost done with their lunch. Suddenly the floor started shaking. The toys moved from side to side. It was an earthquake! Then

Go outside, Spring is here,Birds are chirping, they are near. Fresh air is what I taste,I see chipmunks in a chase. Pick up a rock, climb a tree,You might get

Do you like monkeys? I do, and my favorite kind is the howler monkey, which I saw in Costa Rica. It’s my favorite because I like their sound (if you’ve

Looking out my window at night, Watching the owls take eager flight. The sky is spotted with bright, twinkling stars, The ground is black, covered in tar. Hearing the chirp

The Sallows were in their car headed to Cape Cod for a family reunion. “How much longer,” whined Liam. He was the youngest of the two siblings. “The more you

It was one week away from Mia’s sweet sixteen party! She was so excited. “Jeniffer, huh! Wait up for me,” Mia pants. “Are you excited for my sweet sixteen party,”

Germany and the Holy Roman EmpireRuled 1152-1190  Lived 1122-1190       Historical Fiction   Fredrick Barborassa, Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire, and his army started their journey to Jerusalem on March

“Mom!” I shouted, throwing clothes behind my shoulder and on my bed.  “Where’s my skirt?”  It was early July and we’re going to Disney World in Florida. We’re going there

As we all know the coronavirus is affecting almost the whole world, and it is bad for the eldrely whose immune systems might not work as well. We are all

Mr.Pest was an old and horrible looking man. What he looked like was just what he was, an old and horrible person. That very day, he was making his monthly