Current Contest Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners! You will each receive prizes after the issue is released. Please note that you will only receive the prize for ONE of your awards if you entered pieces for multiple categories. Only the first prize winners of each category will be featured on the magazine. Great work, everyone!


To those who did not win an award this time… Don’t worry, you’ll have many opportunities in the future! After all, we will be holding bi-monthly contests. We really enjoyed seeing your writing and art! (As you can probably guess, some of the categories were more popular than others. The more types of writing you try, the higher chance you have of winning a prize!)

Creative Writing Winners

1st Place: Julia

2nd Place: Rishika

3rd Place: Ann

Essay Writing Winners

1st Place: Jason

2nd Place: Matthew

3rd Place: Aria


Poetry Winners

1st Place: Hailey

2nd Place: Yueqi

3rd Place: Sophia

Drawing/Comic Winners

1st Place: Clarice

2nd Place: Aria

3rd Place: N/A

Puzzle Winner

August Winner: Yueqi

September Winner: Aria